We had a tight turnaround between the poppies deinstall at Woodhorn and install at St George’s Hall, Liverpool. We split up our team so that we could start installing new metalwork at Liverpool whilst Woodhorn was taken down. The installation was designed so that the poppies fell from inside the coffer of the portico and then spilled over the plateau and onto the ground level.

As the poppies were on a stone floor, rather than grass as previously, we had to come up with a system of ‘planting’ the poppies. Our solution was to fit a sacrificial ply wood floor, colour matched to the existing flagstones, into which we could drill holes to accommodate the freestanding poppy stems.

Once lit the installation really came together and it felt like a fitting reflection of such a proud city and important civic building.

Another very different setting and form for the poppies proved immensely successful, and showed how diverse this project can be.

Orbis Conservation