We are honoured to have been nominated in this year’s Museums + Heritage Awards for Restoration/Conservation project of the year with Plymouth City Council for our work on the figurehead collection for The Box.

As most of our readers will be aware, this project consumed us for over two years, and brought with it huge challenges, innovative problem solving and ultimately a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and pride. Thanks to the wide ranging scope of the project, we were given the opportunity to trial a new form of structural analysis of timber in conservation (sonic tomography), carry out copious amounts of research into the construction and decoration of ship’s figureheads, design and fabricate structural mounts, and ultimately carry out full conservation treatments.

We were also presented with the opportunity to work with several other specialists and fellow conservators, many of whom we continue to work with and have developed friendships over the project which we are sure will continue long into the future.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we have been unable to celebrate the completion of this project, as the opening of The Box has been postponed. The nomination for this award feels like the beginning of some form of closure of the project for us, whilst we wait expectantly for the opening of The Box.

Should anybody be at home and interested, the awards ceremony will be
‘online’ on the 22nd of September. Further details of our nomination, and the other exciting projects that we are up against, can be found here.